Stuff Office Cat’s diary – 01/02/13

Office Cat plants his flag in the grounds of the world's biggest tech trade show – and checks off the rest of the day's gadget happenings

CES Hot Stuff Awards

Oops! CNET will no longer be working with CES to offer awards, which makes the Hot Stuff Awards – if it’s possible – even more important. Office Cat has all the Hot Stuff Awards winners from CES 2013 lined up for you to check out right here on the Hot Stuff Awards winners’ page, and you can find the dazzling video round-up here.

Sony Xperia Z pricing

Office Cat is always bragging about his keen feline vision when testing new screens. But when he saw the 1080p screen of Sony’s Xperia Z he was dumbstruck. That’s why he’s been saving up for one ever since. Pricing's been announced (the bargain's to be had on Three at £450 on PAYG or £530 handset only), or from £34 per month on contract. It will be out on February 28th. Office Cat’s pre-ordered his already.

Olympus XZ-10 camera

No sooner had Office Cat put his eyes back in his head from the Xperia Z did the Olympus XZ-10 compact camera arrive. This bureau feline is fascinated by the ultra bright optics the camera claims to offer. Low light photography improvements are a clever move by Olympus to keep compacts alive in the wake of smartphone cameras. But at £350 on its launch in March it had better deliver the goods.

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