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A man builds an Apple Store inside his house, while Bruce Willis sues Apple – Office Cat sniffs out the news

As people increasingly switch over to digital media, the thorny question of who owns your files has become increasingly relevant. Most people – Office Cat included – tend to just accept the terms and conditions when purchasing MP3 files. It looks like Die Hard star Bruce Willis has read all the way through them, though – having realised that he's technically only renting his digital music and movies from iTunes, he's lawyered up to ensure that his children will be able to legally access his collection of music and movies in the event of his death. Office Cat hopes this won't end with him flinging Tim Cook off the top of a skyscraper.

Source: Forbes

iHard: Bruce Willis sues Apple

Hong Kong-based product designer David Wu has taken his dedication to Apple to extremes – he's designed his home office to look like the inside of an Apple Store, complete with big glowing Apple logos, maple desks, a replica product cabinet and even glass walls. Office Cat, of course, has modelled his office after Don Draper's. Albeit with a litter tray.

Source: Business Insider

Not content with co-opting NASA, Angry Birds creators Rovio have made Queen singer Freddie Mercury into an Angry Bird. A new animation features the feathered Freddie riding a bicycle to the tune of – you've guessed it – Bicycle Race. It's all in aid of the Mercury Phoenix Trust's Freddie for a Day event, aimed at raising funds to fight HIV AIDS worldwide. Office Cat reckons that Rovio should put Freddie in the Angry Birds game for real – smashing castles to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody would never get old.

Source: Classic Rock

Man builds Apple Store in his home office

Office Cat is a big fan of the original Half-Life – so the news that the long-awaited Black Mesa Source mod is finally coming out on September 14th has him purring with anticipation. The project is a fan-made reworking of Half-Life in Valve's Source engine – including all the levels up to Lambda Core, with the Xen-based finale coming at a later date.


These Bluetooth-equipped wooly gloves let you speak into your pinky without looking like some sort of maniac. Well, okay, you'll look like a bit of a maniac. They're kitted out with a microphone in the pinky finger and a little speaker in the thumb, so you can make calls by making the universal hand gesture for a phone. Office Cat's holding out for a version that fits paws.

Source: Engadget

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