Stuff is now model-free

For the first time in our 15+ year history, we’re losing the cover models and focusing on the tech
Stuff is now model-free

Flick through a copy of the August issue of Stuff and you’ll see it’s the same magazine it’s always been.

You’ll find feature after feature about the best new gadgets, gear and technology in the world. An in-depth review of the brilliant LG G3. Twelve pages of cutting-edge cycling kit. Ingenious ways to make money from your smartphone photos. The 100 best gadgets in history. Our world famous Top 10 of Everything. You know, the usual.

But close it up and you’ll notice that it’s also radically different. For the first time since our inception, there’s no model on the cover of Stuff UK.

This time, it’s for good

Yes, we’ve been model-free before, but never for more than one issue at a time. Those were momentary diversions for specific stories – this time, it’s for good.

Why? Because technology has changed, society has changed, and Stuff’s audience has changed. We asked you what you wanted a Stuff cover to look like in focus groups. We trialled model-free covers for three months of this year in selected regions of the UK. The answer was unanimous: you want covers that reflect the content of the magazine, and pictures of a model simply don’t.

I hope that in making this change we’ll remove any barriers to reaching the whole of Stuff’s potential audience. Technology is universal, but pictures of models aren’t universally appealing.

I also hope that you’ll agree that this is the right thing for Stuff to do. We don’t take decisions like these lightly: we know how passionately regular readers feel about the Stuff brand, and we care greatly about what you think.

So, do let me know below how you feel about Stuff going model-free – and as always, enjoy the magazine and website.

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