Stuff loses, finds Samsung Z500

This just in from Stuff Towers. The sensational story of one man, a lost handset and their tortuous road to reunion

Dateline: July 25, Stuff Towers.

Adam Vaughan, esteemed Managing Editor and purveyor of all things 3G, mislaid his Samsung Z500 sample yesterday in what can only be described as a staggeringly unfortunate series of events. Vaughan, 26, raised the alarm at around 2pm GMT, upon discovering the Z500 he'd secured in his desk drawer on Monday evening was missing.

Vaughan was heard to exclaim, 'has anyone seen my Z500? It was here in my drawer,' at 30 second intervals, triggering an office-wide search for the errant handset. Members of admin staff and editorial teams from as far afield as 442 and What HiFi? joined in the desperate search for the missing Samsung, but to no avail.

With time running out, the search was becoming frantic. Failing fluorescent light and treacherous, filing cabinet-ridden conditions hampered exhausted rescuers who were all set to call off the search at 2:05pm. With seconds to spare, however, Vaughan made the discovery that everyone had been praying for and recovered the Z500 intact and with only around an hour's standby time left. Plucking the phone from his own desk drawer, Vaughan had only this to say to those who had stood shoulder-to-shoulder with him in his hour of need: 'I've been a chump.'