Stuff Live – gearing up for a gadget extravaganza

The hammering has ceased, the paint is drying and the final few finishing touches are being added in preparation for Stuff Live, which kicks off tomor

As I write this, I'm standing in the shadow of the world's biggest LCD TV, Sharp's galaxy-dwarfing 108in Full HD goliath. That's just one of many tech trinkets on offer over Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as the latest and greatest gadgets are showcased at ExCel London.

I've spent the day wandering around the Show, avoiding heavy lifting and manual labour. And during my stroll I've seen the epic Guitar Hero World Tour stage taking shape nicely, the Hoverit Lounger being assembled, and our friends at What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision setting up some unimaginably expensive home cinema kit.

I've even managed to sneak a few games of Pool in at the Chill Out Lounge, and blast some penalties into the top corner on the Goal Striker stage.

With Canon, Archos, TomTom and Universal and Pure all here to show off spanking new products, Stuff Live looks like it's going to be an awesome weekend. See you there...