The Stuff Lent Gadget Fast – Day 3

Some of the Stuff team have adjusted to the enforced absence from their favourite gadgets – others are still working through denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance

Stephen – smartphone

Oops. Late for work this morning, having forgotten that the Nokia’s alarm needs to be set every day. Still, on the plus side I have discovered the TFL Live Bus Arrivals service – which I didn’t use today, owing to it being nice enough weather for cycling. Between that and Twitter via SMS, I’m hardly missing my iPhone at all. Really.

Luke – instant messaging

Today, my lack of texting caused an actual emotion. I cycle to work. Daily I pass a screen that displays your speed, followed by a smiley if you’re legal, and sadface if not. It’s become a daily challenge to make that thing sad with my speed. I’m met by smiles everyday. But today I was totally ignored – no smile. My heart actually sank and I felt sad. That’s not normal. I blame lack of IM.

Es – Reddit

Day three has been the easiest so far. My girlfriend took pity on me and sent me a picture of her kittens. Luke's cat gif was also particularly fascinating and I whiled away a good 10 minutes of my life just staring at it. I think I've reached a stage where I'm comfortably numb. It's quite refreshing not being a prisoner to the Reddit front page. It had become almost a compulsion or chore to click on every link, to ensure that there were no blue ones left at any time. This is similar to how I felt when I first ditched Facebook two years ago. Freedom. Sweet, scary freedom…

Lucy – iPad

In your face, iPad. I didn't need you at all today. I've been so busy I've barely thought about our Gadget Lent challenge. However, I’ve noticed my browsing habits have changed significantly, which has led to the realisation that the iPad essentially bolsters my desire to read celeb gossip and aimlessly wander around the internet looking at absolute rubbish. eBay hasn't even had a look in. I may not be getting my daily 30 Rock fix but I'm now feeling confident that I can pull off the challenge without the withdrawal symptoms. 

Sophie – Facebook 

As you might guess from the pic, I have spent today trying to find some Facebook alternatives potent enough to help me last through Gadget Lent. Twitter has been my saviour – always on, always spitting out manageable bursts of topical wit (or so the tweeters like to think). Apart from journalists though, my friends aren't on Twitter as much as Facebook. So I checked no-one was craning to see what was on my iMac and signed up to the new Myspace. I'll let you know how I get on, though on first impressions it's reassuring to know some things never change: all the people in the Discover tab were right posers.  

The stress has clearly got to Paddy who is AWOL from today's blog – we'll be updating with his experiences shortly

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