The Stuff Lent Gadget Fast – Day 2

Two days into their gadget fast, and the tensions are starting to show – but will the team crack under the strain of enforced tech abstinence? Read on...

Paddy – music

Worst. Flight. Ever. Lesson: never fly without music. I put in my noise-isolating earphones (unplugged at the other end) mid-flight to cut out the whine of engines and children… and the braying **** in the row behind me befriending my even less fortunate cabin mates. Then had to remove them to explain why I wasn’t an actual nutter. Thankfully, I’m staying with a friend (reluctantly pictured with Ike and Tina CD) who knows the tonic I need: The Rolling Stones’ Some Girls. I didn’t ask for it. And I’m claiming international waters rules. Or something. He also has vodka. A friend in need…

Stephen – smartphone

The piercing shriek of the Nokia’s alarm jolted me awake for the second day running – I never thought I'd say this, but I’m starting to miss the iPhone’s jaunty Marimba. The little inconveniences of being stuck with a dumbphone are starting to grate – like not being able to fire up Google Maps to dial up my destination. And I’ve started grabbing every freesheet I can in a desperate hunt for news and entertainment on the train. On the plus side, readjusting to T9 predictive text isn’t nearly as big a leap as I’d dear. Decreed. FEARED.

Lucy – iPad

I was determined not to let this iPad-less challenge get the better of me… that is, until I woke up and realised I hadn’t charged my phone overnight. That meant enduring a painfully lengthy commute without a musical soundtrack from my back up iPod. Urgh, I feel like Paddy. It doesn't stop there. Around midday I realised I needed information locked away in my iPad – a hurdle I maned to get over but still, what a huge inconvenience. The final blow came when I attempted to browse Reddit (ha ha, Esat) using my smartphone. Tiny text and intricate screen interaction does not bode well for my impatient side! I dread to think what tomorrow has in store.

Luke – instant messaging

This morning I received an SMS. I use it as much as my Dad now, so I’ll refer to it as he does too. I nearly replied on autopilot. Luckily it was from Esat, who pointed out that he knew I couldn’t reply. Near fail averted, no thanks to my gadget-frazzled brain. Email is fast becoming my closest friend, alongside Facebook. Are they cheating? No, they’re slower than my Dad’s ability to adopt modern technological words. Guess I’ll just dust off a book, learn to smoke a pipe, and find a nice old chair that matches my flat cap.

Es – Reddit

Another commute with just my music and Metro to keep me occupied. Considering I'm fed up with both, they offered little consolation. Work offered a decent distraction, but it didn't take long to open a new tab before realizing I couldn't go on Reddit. It's like finding yourself opening the fridge door, not knowing how you got there. Except this fridge is full of interesting facts and some of the weirdest gifs hauled in from the darkest nethers of the interwebs. And it's locked. What will my zombified mind snack on now? Forex rates? Political news? Celebrity forums? I'm drifting aimlessly. How long have I been internet-ing on auto pilot? I hope I can take the wheel again – and soon.

Sophie – Facebook

Not being able to check Facebook has had me throwing mini tantrums like a bad egg each lunchtime since Gadget Fast began. Lunch and post-work are proving the most difficult times to resist – but resist I have so far. Luckily I now have a support network in place – I daren’t break my fast at work or the others would take me down. And mid pancake session last night, my friend Tom mentioned he’d seen Day 1 on Just five more days to go – I just can’t let my fans down.

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