Stuff Gadget Awards 2012 – Video Gadget of the Year shortlist

A gaggle of gadgets that provide veritable feasts for the eyes – the finest TV companions of the year

So you've got a sparkling new television with a screen sharp enough to slice open your corneas. How do you make the most of it? With one of these wonderful things, perhaps – it's our shortlist of the best Video Gadgets of the Year.


Want to make your TV smart without shelling out for a whole new gogglebox? This gadget pulls off that feat, adding Google TV functionality – with a Chrome browser, app support and 8GB of storage – to your telly in a jiffy.

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Sony NSZ-GS7

From £21.50 p/month

With an all new 2TB capacity box to guzzle down your favourite shows, a new Sky On Demand service which offers hundreds of on demand channels (including the BBC iPlayer) and a newly designed EPG, Sky's rock solid service keeps on adding improvements in spades. HD costs £10.25 a month on top of a standard subscription.



Quite simply the finest Freeview recorder you can buy. 500GB of space, twin HD tuners and superb support for DLNA file-streaming makes it a flexible friend.

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The first YouView-equipped set-top box on the block, the T1000 combines HD broadcasting with access to on-demand TV and a 500GB recorder. And its EPG is a thing of beauty, letting you swiftly search for any content, both broadcast and online.

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Samsung STB-E7500

£50 (from £18 p/month)

Virgin's little black box continues to move from strength to strength and now boasts clever tricks like Spotify integration to its already impressive arsenal of skills, such as the ability to record three channels simultaneously and the Wishlist function which makes it even easier to search for programmes you'd like.


This compact all-in-one home cinema system has everything you need (bar a TV and sofa) to live a glorious life of couch potato-dom: Blu-ray, 3D, on-demand movies and iPlayer are all on board, while the picture and sound quality punch well above the price tag.

Humax DTR-T1000


The brash sci-fi looks of the BDT320 conceal a classy Blu-ray player that offers scintillating picture quality with both 2D and 3D movies. Audio performance is equally strong, and the touchpad remote is a genuine innovation over old school clickers.


The tiny third generation Apple TV features AirPlay, 1080p output and the superb Mirroring function, which duplicates your iPhone or iPad's screen on your telly.

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Sony BDV-N590

Panasonic DMP-BDT320

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