Stuff Gadget Awards 2012 – Tech Transport of the Year shortlist

One of these wheeled deals will bag a Stuff Gadget Award in just a few weeks – climb in and have a test drive!

With technology informing transport to a greater and greater degree, this is an important category for our awards this year. Cars, bicycles and things that sit somewhere in between – they’re all here.

From £30,000

An eco-friendly motor that’ll cost you a pittance to run (to be fair, you do need to shell out a fair bit to get one in the first place), the stylish Ampera runs off an electric motor all the time and can achieve 235mpg – with a mere 27g of CO2 released per kilometre.

Vauxhall Ampera


The days of folding bikes making you look super lame are over, thanks to style-heavy models like the IF Mode. It uses magnets to lock the wheels together and encases the chain within the aluminium body to stop grease getting all over your work clothes.

From £7000

The "ultimate urban mobility solution," according to Renault, the tandem-seated Twizy EV looks are part Smart car, part golf buggy. Thankfully it drives more like the former. Fun and effortless to drive, its dinky size makes it ideal for zipping around town.

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Pacific Cycle IF Mode

From £10,000

It might sound unlikely, but the sci-fi-esque Saietta is a fully electric sports bike capable of achieving 0-60mph in under four seconds. The S model is sprightlier, but its lighter battery restricts range to 50 miles, while the R can travel an impressive 100 miles before topping up is required.

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Shattering the myth that electric bicycles are heavy, sluggish and hideous, the Turbo can hit almost 30mph, all while looking surprisingly sleek and lean. A full charge provides around an hour of full-power riding too. The price may seem steep – but remember this is more a rival to a car rather than a bike.

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Renault Twizy

From £16,320

Think this looks just like previous A3s? Think again. The new generation A3 uses VW’s MQB powertrain for improved performance. Plus its inclusion saves Audi money, which it's used to improve the build (aluminium abounds) and the interior, which is worthy of a far pricier car.

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Agility Saietta

Specialized Turbo

Audi A3