Stuff Gadget Awards 2012 – Sports Gadget of the Year shortlist

We’ve worked up a mighty sweat sorting through this year’s best selection of sports-related tech

The Stuff Gadget Awards 2012 are approaching faster than an angry, Lycra-clad Chris Hoy on a £60,000 bike, and we use that metaphor because, if you read on, you’ll find our shortlist for the year’s best Sports Gadget.


The undisputed champion of the action camcorder world, the HD Hero 2 is lightweight, compact, simple to use, insanely tough and produces excellent hi-def footage – not to mention time lapse and 120fps video for super slo-mo playback. There really is nothing better on the market.

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GoPro HD Hero2

From £250

A GPS-equipped, wristwatch-style training aid that plays MP3s to inspire you to plough through the pain barrier while recording your stats – including heart rate, which it measures using a pair of wireless headphones armed with infra-red beams!

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This supremely sensitive pedometer and altimeter records all your movements and even your sleep cycle, feeding that info wirelessly to your computer. While it doesn’t track runs with the laser-like precision of a GPS-equipped device, its constant nagging is likely to spur you on to a healthier lifestyle.



Bringing an impressive melange of route-planning and stat-grabbing to your handlebars, the Cyclo 305 measures both heart rate and cadence (RPM for your legs).

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The perfect pair of earbuds for jog-lovers, these are lightweight (a mere 14g to be precise), comfortably snug in your lugholes and fully sweat resistant, which is handy but just made us visualise sweat-drenched ears. Moving on swiftly, they also deliver smooth, detailed audio – and the in-line mic lets you take calls while you’re on the hoof.

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Fitbit Ultra


Become a veritable cyborg with these trainers that use pressure sensors and accelerometers to feed back your workouts to your iOS device. Using app workouts guided by sports stars you can make yourself better as the trainers correct your technique to perfection. We can rebuild you – Nike has the technology.

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Mio Cyclo 305 HC

Sennheiser CX680i Sports

Nike Lunar TR1+