Stuff Gadget Awards 2012 – Smartphone App of the Year shortlist

We've painstakingly picked out the smartphone software that makes your life just... better

Smartphone software is big business in more ways than one – and with hundreds of thousands of apps out there, picking a handful to shortlist was tough. Nevertheless, we've soldiered on to bring you our seven favourites, one of which will triumph in the imminent Stuff Gadget Awards 2012!


Like live music? Then you need Songkick in your life – or rather on your phone. It tracks the artists you listen to (via Spotify, iTunes or and alerts you when they’re playing in your town. You can buy tickets through a link and quickly build a gig calendar so you don’t miss a show.

Songkick Concerts


Feeling limited by your limited data plan? Onavo literally “Extends” it by compressing mobile data, adding up to 500 percent extra to your monthly limit. And all for free. Available for iOS and Android.


One of the few Augmented Reality apps worth your time, Blippar uses your iPhone or Android device’s camera to instantly bring static real life ads and products, well, to life. Point it at a ketchup bottle and you might get an interactive quiz laid over the top, for instance.

Onavo Extend

£2.99 iTunes

Apple has managed to make video editing a genuine pleasure on the iPhone, with iMovie enabling you to cut, soundtrack and caption your HD movies without ever having to touch a laptop.


Available for iOS and Android, Strava is a cycling tracker that stores all your stats, including elevation, letting you pore over them on your computer later. Unlockable badges and social features will keep you coming back.



The original “social reader” takes stories and images from your Twitter and Facebook contacts (and other “curated” sources) serving them up in a surprisingly beautiful magazine-style layout.


Ever hear a track and recognise an element of an older song within it? WhoSampled will tell you exactly where that comes from, scanning your iPhone’s library and revealing connections. A must-have for music geeks.

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Strava Cycling

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