Stuff Gadget Awards 2012 – Innovation of the Year shortlist

Gadgetry is the new mother of invention – and this is Stuff's shortlist of the year’s most striking creations

Gadgetry is the new mother of invention, a blank battery-powered canvas on which the great and good of technology can paint their dreams – and this is Stuff's shortlist of the year’s most striking creations.

Cubify Cube

US$1300 (£810)

A Star Trek Replicator made real, the Cube brings Wi-Fi and a touchscreen to the increasingly raucous 3D printing party.

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Microsoft Surface Touch Cover


Not just a natty ultra-thin keyboardy screen protector – the Touch Cover’s keys are multi-touch, super-fast and pressure sensitive. And, therefore, essential.

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Raspberry Pi Model B


£25 for a fully operational Linux PC the size of a credit card – this silicon board is a hacker's dream.

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Parrot Zik


The world’s first 'smart headphones' have Bluetooth wireless, NFC pairing, touch controls and they pause the music when you take them off.

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Toshiba 55ZL2


Not only the world’s first big-screen, glasses-free 3D TV, but the first ultra HD (3840x2160) one too. Crikey, Toshiba.

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Griffin Twenty


Plug your hi-fi speakers and Apple AirPort Express into this cool 20W digital amp for your very own DIY AirPlay music system.

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Leap Motion

US$70 (£45)

Making touchscreens look laughably quaint, this matchbox-sized box brings Kinect-style motion control to your Mac or PC.

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Samsung Smart Evolution


Samsung’s smart TVs are clever now, but what about next year? Smart Evolution kits will let you upgrade their smart TV brains to even smarter ones.

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Lytro Light Field Camera

US$400 (£250)

The 'Light Field Camera' that allows you to shoot first, and focus later. A palm-sized snapshot of the future.

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