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Stuff Gadget Awards 2011 – iPad 2 takes Tablet of the Year award

That’s right, Apple’s slice of super slick screen and awesome innards has taken the title

Apple got it bang on with the iPad 2, no doubt just for this moment when it was – at the Stuff Gadget Awards 2011 – announced as winner of Tablet of the Year. Want to hear our esteemed editor’s words on why it was the winner? Here you go.

While it might have been an evolutionary rather than revolutionary step on from the original Apple tablet, the skinnier, more powerful, camera-equipped iPad 2 remains a peerless slab of tactile tech. Whether you choose to use it to browse the web, or to pillage the seemingly bottomless treasures of the App Store, or make the most of the longhaul-flight-friendly battery life by watching movies on its 9.7in screen, as the most complete tablet package on the market, the iPad 2 has put Apple that little bit further ahead. Still, Apple – be a darling and support Flash?

Here’s the full iPad 2 review in all its glory.

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