Stuff EXCLUSIVE – Samsung Omnia i900 touchscreen phone unveiled

Forget that other phone that’s launching today. Samsung’s got some touchscreen goodies it wants to show you. The all–new Omnia i900

The guff we’ve just been handed tells us Omnia means “everything” in Latin and “wish” in Arabic. We think this is Samsung trying to tell us their new cell has everything you could wish for. Which, we have to say, is true.

Underneath that mighty 3.2in haptic touch screen you’ll find either 8GB or 16GB internal storage, depending on which model you plump for. Add to that SD support for up to 16GB and you’ve got a cell that slaps down the N96 and Apple’s iPhone. At least until this evening.

At 12.5mm it’s a little chunkier than the HTC Touch Diamond, but that’s no bother. Inside you’ll find HSDPA for speeds up to 7.2Mbps, GPS, alongside support for DivX and Xvid.

Round the back there’s also a Tocco–matching 5MP snapper, with geo–tagging and image stabilizer. Surely Jobs won’t be able to match that today.

OS–wise, you’re looking at Windows Mobile 6.1, which has been given a tickle, much like the Touch Diamond. It does mean though that this is a blower strictly for high–power business types.

It’s due to get it’s official unveiling over in Singapore next week, before heading to a store near you in July.