Stuff EXCLUSIVE – £370 for PAYG iPhone 3G

We’ve just been tipped by an inside source about the pay–as–you–go pricing plans for the iPhone 3G.The 8GB model is set to cos

The 8GB model is set to cost a massive £370, with the 16GB model clocking in at £470. That means you could be paying up to £200 more than the final price of the original iPhone, which came in at £170. The new figures tally with the Italian fees, announced two weeks ago, starting at €499 and rising to €569.

It is not yet clear whether this will include any minutes or text bundles. However, if you want to hack your new iPhone to run on any network, it certainly won’t come cheap.

An O2 spokesman has just told us, "We have no update on pricing for PAYG iPhone at this time. We will let you know more about this when we can." While you’re waiting for official confirmation, be sure to check out our iPhone 3G Bible for the full skinny on what to expect come 11 July.


iPhone 3G

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