STUFF EXCLUSIVE – Gear4 Duo cuts loose

Following on from its HouseParty and BassStation docks, Gear4 has just announced the Duo. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one, so a two-

The Duo comprises a bass unit and satellite speaker. The bass unit performs charging duties and provides a bit more punch when at home, while the rechargeable satellite speaker can be pulled off the front and carried around as a portable speaker, complete with metal fold-out stand.

The docking port on the satellite speaker comes with adapters for most iPod variants, and can be folded away to keep it safe in transit. There's even a compartment for a second battery so you can double your play time.

It'll pump out 38W – that's 20W from the bass unit and 18W from the satellite speaker. So plenty of boom for your party. And for the control freaks out there, it comes with a remote too.

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Gear4 Duo

Price: £149.99

On sale: 1st June

Contact: Gear4