Stuff EXCLUSIVE – full details on Rock Band 2

We all know Rock Band 2’s, so we’ve just had some sit down time with Harmonix to squeeze out some more deets on the follow up to one of th

There’ll be a battle of the bands mode

This means you’ll be able to mano–o–mano with other outfits online. Think School of Rock without annoyingly over–talented brats. On top of that you get a streamlined interface and an online world tour mode.

They’ve made it drunk proof

You can’t accidentally back out of a song by going a bit John Bonham on the drums. Harmonix says this means you’ll have no problem playing after rolling in tanked up on overpriced Italian lager.

There are new tie–ins with

You’ll be able to go online and print posters of your characters, who, by the way, can now dress in anything from gas masks to bandanas. The idea is to bring it ‘into the real world’. Rather than forming a real band, that is.

There’ll be hundreds of songs

There’ll be 80 songs on the disc, with 500 expected to be available for download come the end of the year. That means a Stones–length career for you and your fellow plastic–instrument–toting minstrels.

The mic won’t be wireless

We already know the guitars and drums won’t need to slide into your Xbox or PS3, but the microphone will. So no going Iggy–style mental unless you want to trash your hub.

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