We love cars but we also love the planet, so we've rounded up our top green cars from the 2008 Geneva Motor Show this month. Strap in and start blowin

We love cars but we also love the planet, so we've rounded up our top green cars from the 2008 Geneva Motor Show this month. Strap in and start blowing daisies out of your exhaust pipe.


Fisker Automotive Karma

Don't want to come back as a tapeworm in your next life? You need good Karma – and if it does 0-60mph in 5.8 seconds, then so much the better. This hybrid electric luxury sports car (above) has both 'Sport' and 'Stealth' drive mode buttons on the steering wheel – now that's the sort of car we always imagined driving in the future. Fisker reckons if you were to charge it every evening you'd only have to fill up the tank once a year – no more excuses for buying Jelly Babies at the petrol station, then. Out in the states at the end of 2009.



Tesla Roadster

The only one of these cars which is actually in production right now. The Tesla Roadster is first in a breed of cars which are electric and cool. The Roadster has sports car performance and looks, while having strong eco credentials. Its chassis is based on the super-light Lotus Elise and clad in carbon fibre bodywork, it does 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds and a 125mph top speed, getting 220 miles on one charge and unlike hybrid cars, doesn't have a backup petrol engine to help acceleration or in case you can't find somewhere to charge it.  Oh, and Jay Leno has one.

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Pininfarina Sintesi  

While most of the other cars on this list are all pretty firmly rooted in reality and bound by current technology, this one isn't. The Sintesi concept (right) has emerged from Italian design firm Pininfarina, responsible for the styling of a host of beautiful road-going machines, from Ferraris and Alfa Romeos to Maseratis and even a few Peugeots. Firmly a design concept rather than a production model, this concept uses fuel cells and also futuristic technologies which put all the road information inside the car, removing the need for all those ugly traffic lights and road signs. And it looks like a proper car from the future... dribble


Morgan Lifecar

Great Scott! This one's from the British car-maker with the distinguished heritage and a habit of making old-looking new cars which all have a distinctly 'Morgan' look about them. The Lifecar (Lightweight Fuel Efficient Car) is based on the Morgan Aero 8 and like the Pininfarina Sintesi is also very much concept, but with its 1920s gangster car styling and wooden seats, it's definitely a case of 'back to the future'.

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Mitsubishi i-EV/i-MiEV

Mitsubishi's battery-powered answer to the Smart ForFour. This little four-door runaround (right) is heading for Japan in mid 2009, priced at $30,000 and with an 80-mile range. Its cartoony, bubble-shaped charm is matched only by its love for the environment. Not one for the boy racers, it'll get you to 60mph in an eco-friendly 14 seconds.


Honda FCX Clarity

Leave the engine running and you'll end up standing in a puddle – Honda's hydrogen fuel-cell powered car's only waste product is water. Due to be on limited release in South California this summer, it's based on the new Honda V Flow fuel cell platform, which is better than the old one, apparently. We love it for the way it somehow manages to combine futuristic styling with a practical car. It also comes with a lithium ion battery for storing excess electricity captured during its regenerative braking process. Waste not, want not, eh?