Studios reveal plans for $30 premiere movie rentals

Want to watch movies from your couch before their DVD release? As long as you're prepared to pay a premium...

Hollywood bigwigs have announced a premiere HD home streaming service to fill the void between cinema screenings and DVD/Blu-ray releases.

If you refuse to fork out for atrocious ticket and popcorn prices, and simply can't wait for the DVD version of a flick, a hefty $30 (£18) will let you stream it right to the comfort of your living room just 60 days after it's first screened in cinemas.

The service is to be called Home Premiere, and so far Sony, Disney, Warner, Universal and 20th Century Fox have all signed up.

The pricing seems a bit steep to us and we doubt it'll force torrent pirates to stop their shenanigans, but time will tell if this is just another Hollywood flop.