Street Fighter II Lego set steals our blocky hearts

Maybe if we cross our fingers hard enough this Street Fighter II Lego set will be in our hands faster than a fully charged Hadouken

It's no secret that we love Lego, especially when innovative sets like the Minecraft and Back to the Future offerings come our way.

The latest set to jump straight to the top of our 'I want that right now list' is this user-created Lego Street Fighter II set featuring a near-complete roster of all your favourite Street Fighter characters – from Ryu and Ken all the way across to the adorable green Blanka.

Although the sets have been painted and customised by builder Julian Fong, he's submitted it to Lego's Cuusoo programme – so we're expecting it to get approval within the next few days, after which people can vote for it to become a fully-formed set (assuming Lego can reach an arrangement with Capcom). Here's hoping it joins the ranks of the R2-D2 and Lord of the Rings Lego sets so that we can add it to our ever-growing collection.

While you're at it, why not take a tour of this gigantic Lego forest down under? Or check out our 5 Lego sets they need to make? Or take a look at a working Lego jet engine and Lego Death Star. We did tell you we liked Lego.


[via Kotaku]

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