Strap on your Goggles, Google speeds up search

Just when you thought 476,000,000 search results wasn't enough, Google accelerates the web again by adding real time searches. Where 'News results' tr

There's no ranking of results - just fire out your tweet and you too can appear at the top of the Google homepage, if only for a second before the next tweet hits Mountain View's servers. Try it here.

Google also announced some cool new mobile features today, giving eyes and ears to its search engine. Google Goggles uses your mobile's camera to run a visual search on whatever you point it at. Point it a shop to visit its websites, or a landmark for its Wikipedia entry.

Early reports suggest that it's on the unreliable side but Android users can find out for themselves - the (free) Goggles visual search application is going live almost immediately. Privacy note: while Google said the current app won't run facial recognition Google searches on people you've snapped, Goggles does have the power to do so.

Voice search has been around for a while but as of today, it works in Japanese, too. Tongue-tied travellers should watch this space, too, as Google reckons it's close to offering real-time interpretation of speech.