Stone me, Creative sells a million

Normally a headline reserved for MP3 players with an Apple badge, Creative finally has a best seller of its own.It's announced at CeBit that it's shif

It's announced at CeBit that it's shifted a million of its tiny screenless wonder, the Zen Stone - in Europe alone.

Now evolved to have its own speaker, the Shuffle-esque spinner was only launched last May but seems to have proved a hit with bargain-hunting music fans.

The equally diminutive Stone Plus - which gets a screen - hasn't done too badly either, selling 600,000 since its launch in June.

That might help explain why Apple recently cut the price of its Shuffle, with analysts saying it hadn't been selling too well. Nothing like a bit of healthy competition, eh Apple?


Creative Zen Stone with speaker 1GB, 2GB, Zen Stone Plus with speaker 2GB

Price: £25, £30, £37

On sale: Now

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