Stone Me - 4GB and 8GB Stone Plus from Creative Zen

The Stone Plus is expanding its horizons. Moving from a Shuffle imitator, it's squaring up to the Nano by offering 4GB and 8GB storage.The new Stone P

The new Stone Plus will have the same feature set, interface and basic look but will now play nice with iTunes Plus’ AACs, as well as the other iTunes DRM’d tunes. Huzzah.

The update also promises better battery life and at  £70 for the 4GB and £100 for the 8GB, nicely undercuts the Nano in price. Amazon has them on sale now but no mention at the Creative site as yet. 

Still no video, though and no change to the screen size or weight so the Nano retains its thindividuality.

But in terms of pound per GB, Creative has delivered quite a nasty rabbit punch to the Shuffle with its buffed up new Stone. 


Creative Zen Stone Plus 4GB/8GB

Price: £70/£100

On sale: Now

Contact: Creative

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