Stick-N-Find tracking stickers show up at CES

Tiny stickers stick to your wallet, keys and suitcase, ready to be tracked down with your phone

Keys: why are they always in the last place you look? (Because you stop looking for them afterwards.) But with Stick-N-Find, you will never lose your keys, wallet or child again. Each about the size of a 10p piece (or a dime, if you prefer), up to 20 of these tiny stickers can be attached to your belongings and paired to your phone.

When you lose the remote down the back of the sofa, the Stick-N-Find will buzz and flash. Objects can also be tied to ‘virtual leashes’, triggering an alarm if the tag wanders too far away. Concerned parents could use it to keep track of their children. Even better, up to twenty of the stickers can be tracked by the app, with their locations displayed on a radar screen straight from Alien.

As the Stick-N-Find uses Bluetooth, range is limited to 100ft, and the app can only measure distance, not in what direction the objects lie. Still, this ‘hot or cold’ system would be perfect for tracking down your misplaced wallet, or hunting your friends through an abandoned factory.

Battery life is expected to last for one year on a standard watch battery. The project is being crowd funded on Indiegogo, where it has raised almost US$600,000 more than the original budget. A pack of two Stick-N-Find stickers will cost US$49.95, and should be released in March.

The one downside, of course, is that you can’t lose your phone. Might we suggest wearing it around your neck, like a pair of mittens?

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