Steve Wozniak predicts Apple iTV plans

Apple co-founder reckons the company won't give living room domination away to its rivals so easily

We do like to know what Steve Wozniak is thinking on Apple's current situation at all times – and now he's revealed his thoughts on Apple's much-rumoured iTV.

Woz told USA Today that he expects Apple to make an attempt at its own TV set, since the living room will probably remain where we kick back for some good old fashioned family entertainment. He also pointed out that most of Apple's existing products fit into a living room setting already – and we agree.

An Apple iTV would be the logical next step for Cupertino – if Apple can get its hands on enough content to replace traditional broadcasting. But with reports of a stand-off with cable companies in the US, it remains to be seen whether Apple will give TV viewing its iPod moment.

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