Steve Ballmer confirms Nokia Windows Phones to launch at Nokia World

Well, if Microsoft's CEO is saying it, it must be true, right?

Steve Ballmer has revealed that the first Nokia Windows Phone handsets will be making their debut at Nokia World on 26 October.

Speaking at the Web 2.0 event in San Fran, the Microsoft CEO let slip that Nokia plans to show off a 'bunch of new devices next week' – which means we could potentially be about to see a handful of its new Windows Phone-toting devices at its Nokia's annual event.

He pretty much confirmed it by revealing "Nokia will have a chance at their Nokia World show next week to show a bunch of new devices running Windows Phone,” before throwing in, “it should be pretty good.”

So, while that could mean anything from two phones to 10 phones, we already know Nokia has a few handsets waiting in the wings – the Sea Ray, Nokia 800, Sun and the Sabre. Could they finally be ready for their public appearance?

We'll be at Nokia World to grab the news as and when it comes out, and will be elbow-dropping all other journalists to be among the first to get our hand on Nokia and Windows' collaborative efforts.

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