Step away from the shoes: The robo-wallet that can run away if you go on a shopping spree

It's a fine line between genius and idiocy, and we aren't quite sure which side this is on - but the Living Wallet can monitor your bank account and make a getaway if you spend too much.

Created in Japan, the living wallet has tiny wheels allowing it to roll away. When paired with an app, it'll monitor your bank account and swap between two modes, depending on how much you have to spend.

A wheelie good wallet

There are two modes, save and consume.

In the first, Save Mode, it slowly rolls away to discourage you.

If you catch it, things get even weirder - it shouts for help.

Carry on, and it'll actually call your partner or parents to tell them what you're trying to do.

However, in consumption mode, when you have the cash in your account, things are a lot nicer - and it'll even read out Amazon's top selling products to try and help you out with your shopping splurge.

[Source: Living Wallet]