Steam remote download and install feature is live

Now it's even more tempting to spend money you don't have on impulse-purchase games that you don't have time for

Steam's game sales have long been the downfall of our wallets, mercilessly tempting us with ludicrous discounts and making us lament the little time we have to actually play anything.

It's only going to get worse, as Steam has officially enabled its remote download feature which lets you download and even install games away from your PC, so that you'll have titles installed and ready to roll before you even get home.

All you have to do is access your Games list on Steam's community site via any web browser (or Steam's Android and iOS mobile app) to install previously purchased games, or just choose the remote install option when buying a new title.

You can fight it all you want, but it's only going to make impulse purchasing worse. We've inexplicably already started installing a bunch of games we've never even heard of. Damn our puny willpower.

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