Stars and fans unite in We7 playlist competition

Ever wondered what songs influence your favourite artists? Well now you can find out. Streamed music service We7 has teamed up with some big names in

Marc Ronson, Leona Lewis and Peter Gabriel, as well as bands like Glasvegas and Enter Shikari have all signed up to share their lists, and We7 is now inviting you to do the same – with the added bonus of the chance of winning some cash.

Me7 sees you listing your seven defining songs, and putting them up for people to listen to.

The competition will run for four weeks, with £1,000 going to the most played tracklist at the end of every week. Once the month is up, the most played tracklist from the full four weeks (doesn't have to have been a week winner) will then also win £3,000.

If you think your playlist will beat all playlists, head on over to We7 and start building it for a chance to win – and be sure to let us know your top 7 life-defining tracks below.