Star Wars: 1313 – the best graphics at E3 2012?

This gritty take on the Star Wars universe is insanely pretty – could it be a true next-gen title?

Star Wars: 1313 is a grittier take on George Lucas' universe than we've been used to seeing of late. It's set on Coruscant, the "capital planet" of the Galactic Empire, and more specifically on level 1313, the "layer" of the planet – which is essentially one huge city – ruled by the criminal underworld.

The gameplay is third-person action adventure in the Uncharted mould, but what makes it really stand out are the utterly jaw-dropping visuals. In fact, they're so good that we're left questioning if this game – as it looks here – is even capable on running on the current generation of console hardware.

The Star Wars: 1313 website makes no mention of the platforms on which the game will be released. Perhaps that's because these platforms have yet to be revealed to the public? The developer says that the gameplay video below is running on an incredibly powerful PC… but we very much doubt that LucasArts would restrict the game to PC alone. So either we're going to see a much less visually impressive game on our Xbox 360s and PS3s – or we're going to see it on their successors looking astonishing.

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