Staedtler's digital pen turns all your scribbles into 1s and 0s

Turn your handwriting and doodles all digital with this clip-on writing system

If you're a writer of endless notes and doodles, it could be time to start saving your scribbles for posterity.

Staedtler's digital pen works like a normal ballpoint pen – so you're still writing with ink on paper – but saves your work in digital format too. Working with a digital receiver that clips to the top of your notepad, an exact copy of your work is then viewable on computer, be it drawing or handwriting. Using handwriting recognition software, it'll even convert your handwriting to text and drop it into a Word document.

Staedtler's digital pen costs around £100, and if you snap one up before Christmas you'll get a 2GB USB stick thrown in.

If you can muster an extra £50 you might want to take a look at a drawing-focused Wacom Inkling which doesn't convert handwriting to text, but will separate your sketches into layers to easily import straight in to Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Or if you're feeling really flush and artistic, try out the £2,000 Wacom Cintiq 24HD pen display.


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