Square to let you buy coffee with a username

Starbucks is working with Square to let you use your mobile, and eventually just your name, to buy coffee

Coffee is the testing ground for new payment systems the world over. We’ve already seen it at Pret A Manger with Barclays’ contactless payments. Now Square, the US-only mobile payment system, is working with Starbucks to let you splash the virtual cash using just your name.

Initially, this autumn, US customers will be able to use their phones to pay with bespoke onscreen barcodes. But then, when GPS is used further down the line, it gets exciting. The checkouts will have a list of all the customers in the store so when you want a drink you simply walk up to the till, give your Square username, and walk away with what you want.

It sounds dangerously easy to us, without the need to even remove your phone from your pocket. But danger is exhilarating – maybe coffee buying can be more than just a caffeine rush after all.

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