Square Card Case app becomes Pay with Square

PayPal better watch its back – mobile payment app Square isn't going down without a fight

Square, everyone's favourite indie mobile payments service, is taking on PayPal's eerily similar Here bank card reader with some upgrades of its own. Firstly, gone is the name 'Card Case' so say hello to 'Pay with Square' instead. The new iOS and Android app offering will also point you in the direction of nearby shops where you can pay with Square via a map view – though there's not so many in the UK right now, those pesky Americans get everything first.

Android users of the updated Pay with Square app now get to set up tabs in their favourite pubs automatically via geo-fencing – iOS users have been happily strolling into bars for ages and drinking them dry without so much as shrapnel, nevermind a credit card, in their wallet.

We'll get these cloud and NFC mobile payments systems in for a proper scrap before long, we have a feeling we'll all be using one or the other by the end of 2012.

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