Spray-on batteries will make your phone super thin

You can get everything in cans, from cheese to WD40 – so why not a battery?

In the future you won't be buying your batteries in a blister pack, but as something you might apply to real blisters – a spray.

Yep, Rice University researchers have developed a spray-on battery, made of five layers of specially-formulated paint. The layers – two current collectors, a cathode, an anode and a polymer separator – were sprayed onto normal bathroom tiles, and generated enough juice to power a small array of LEDs, using 2.4 volts, for six hours. After 60 charge and discharge cycles the batteries still retained most of their capacity.

The innovation could make for even thinner gadgets – from mobile phones to TVs. And if, in the future, you want to wall mount your new OLED screen without wires, just spray the power source onto the wall and you’re good to go (or, more likely, buy some pre-sprayed battery tiles). Check out the below video to see how this revolutionary discovery works right now.

[Via Engadget]

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