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Spotify will take on Netflix with its own video streaming service

Having pretty-much mastered music streaming Spotify is setting its sights on video

Entertaining your ears with Spotify may soon mean dazzling your eyes too. The streaming service plans to offer a Netflix style video streaming service soon.

According to two sources briefed by the company Spotify will be taking on the likes of Netflix and Lovefilm. Not only will it offer streaming video but plans to spend on making its own shows – like Netflix did with House of Cards and the other shows its US$300m budget is stretching to.

While this move pits Spotify against the likes of HBO, who also makes original shows at a premium, it means Spotify can make real money rather than paying most of its profits to record companies as it does now. It also means excellent programming if HBO is anything to go by. Even the BBC is debuting shows on iPlayer – so you know it’s the future. Expect to hear an official announcement in the next few months. The only question is, will the online TV revolution be expensive to the viewer?

[via BusinessInsider]

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