Spotify slashes free music allowance

Everyone loves music, no one will love Spotify’s latest move

They struck without warning. And they hit us hard. Spotify have set new limits for non-paying users of their music streaming service. From 1 May, anyone who has had the software since last November or earlier will be limited to 10 hours a month (down from 20 hours for Spotify Open users). New users will get six months on the old terms before the switch.

Even worse, each individual track will be capped at five plays forever, so once your five plays are up you either have to buy the track or subscribe.

Spotify Free users will not be happy – people who managed to sign up early enough or bag an invite and have so far enjoyed unlimited ad-supported streaming are now in the same camp as everyone else.

But the record labels, rumoured to have put the pressure on Spotify, will hope that more people will cough up some cash for the service. Will listening to your favourite tracks on repeat be enough to make you subscribe or will you jump the Spotify ship? Leave your comments below.


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