Spotify lists top 100 tracks from 2009

With 2009 drawing rapidly to a close, Spotify has put together a list of its top 100 most listened to tracks over the past year, one that has seen the

The list includes a whole bevvy of 2009 chart luvvies, as well as a good number of tracks from the late Michael Jackson – Bryan Adams' Summer of '69 even makes it in there as well.

Both David Guetta and the Black Eyed Peas managed to get two songs in the top ten, with the latter topping the whole chart with the summer hit I Gotta Feeling.

Beyonce and Lady Gaga held their own in the top flight as well, while Kings of Leon brought a bit of rock to the top 10.

The rankings are based in order of the number of streams over the year from all of Spotify's listeners. You can check out the full list on the Spotify blog, or give the whole list a listen in this playlist.

What songs do you think are missing from the top 100? Let us know below.