Spotify joins the app dev crowd with Spotify Platform

If it’s good enough for Apple, it’s good enough for Spotify, which has announced its own app platform
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Is your Spotify account missing something? Is that something an app store? Spotify has announced its first foray into third-party apps: Spotfiy Platform.

Spotify’s answer to the growing horde of me-too on-demand music subscription services will extend the company’s appeal to would-be subscribers tempted by the likes of Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player.

The Spotify Platform will allow the company’s catalogue to be used by app developers to add reviews and song lyrics to songs, or to enable users to create DJ mixes (as opposed to simple playlists).

Spotify hopes the release of its Javascript API will create a gold rush of app development similar to the one Apple created when it first announced its now famous App Store.

It means that music experts and magazines will be able to curate the pick of new and old music, helping Spotify’s users sift the best out of Spotify’s enormous song library (which currently has around 15 million tracks). We'd expect to see a bunch of new ideas springing up over the coming weeks, too. As usual, we'll be bringing you up to date as it happens.

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