Spotify, INQ and 3 team up – is the Spotify mobile on the way?

We've been biting our fingernails down to stumps worrying that Apple won't approve the Spotify iPhone app. But it looks like Spotify will be coming to

In a doozy of a deal, Chinese investment firm, the Li Ka-Shing Foundation, has taken a major stake in Spotify. Why should you care about financial jiggery-pokery?  Well because Ka-Shing (the man) is chairman of Hutchinson Whampoa – owners of 3 and mobile makers INQ.

Spotify has been in talks with mobile carriers about including the service as part of an all-inclusive tariff for some time. But if it comes together with 3 for the payment plan and INQ for Spotify focused phones, it could be massive.

Spotify is also planning to bring the service to phones rocking Nokia's S60 OS. That's another tricky area though. Just as Apple wants to protect iTunes, Nokia has a lot riding on its Comes With Music deal.

A triple threat of 3, INQ and Spotify could be a truly exciting thing to see. Bundling Spotify access on the go as part of your mobile contract could well be the result. Would that tempt you to jump to 3? Let us know in the comments below.

(via The Guardian)