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Spotify going mobile

Music streaming service of the moment Spotify, is set to make music lovers lives even better this year with plans to make the service mobile.An iPhone

An iPhone app has been confirmed as already in the pipeline for a release later this year, with the company promising more devices in the future.

“We want to be everywhere. We won’t only do one device,” said Spotify’s big boss Daniel Ek at The Great Escape music conference in Brighton.

However, as much as the computer-based service will still remain free with adverts, the founder confirmed you’ll have to cough up for the mobile app.

“Portability is an important aspect, as is interoperability with other devices,” he said. “That’s definitely something we think is a premium product that people are willing to pay for – being able to take the music with you or being able to have it working on your stereo.”

We already reported to you rumours that this was on its way, but what still remains unclear is if Spotify will be tagging this service on to any mobiles to rival the likes of Nokia’s Comes With Music service.

We’ll keep you updated on any details of pricing and availability. Let us know if you’ll be coughing up the cash for it below.