Spotify desktop application to get offline mode

An offline mode for the Spotify desktop app is in the works. Just like the offline mode for the new Spotify iPhone/iPod Touch and Android applications

Eagle-eyed terms-and-conditions watcher Chris Davies of Slashgear, noticed the feature in Spotify's latest terms and conditions. The document says: "As a subscriber to the Premium Service you are permitted to store such cached content on up to three (3) personal computers."

Unpick that slightly dry legalese and it seems you'll be able to grab your favourite tracks for a limited time on your home computer as well as your mobile. Notice though, you'll need to be a Premium subscriber playing £9.99 a month to take advantage of the new service.

With the Spotify mobile app and offline mode on your desktop set to be the spoils for Premium subscribers are you tempted to take the plunge? We'll be talking to Spotify tomorrow so expect to hear news on the future of the streaming service as soon as we get it and keep checking back for a hands-on with the iPhone app.