Spider-Man 3 first impressions

[intro]Hands-on with the forthcoming Spider-Man 3 game: a web of intrigue or just a sticky mess?[/intro]Hello, games people!I'm your new game

Hello, games people!

I'm your new games blogger. I'm not a Frag Doll, as I hope you can tell from the picture. I'm just Tony – but when night falls, I become... Horganator! Well, when I sign into Xbox Live, at least. Look me up at the weekend if you fancy a game of PES6.

Anyway, enough of the small talk, let's blog!

Today I had a go on Spider-Man 3, the Xbox 360 version. If you've played the previous Spider-Man movie tie-ins you'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect. It's set in New York and follows the thread of the film, which, like the game, is out in early May. As they don't want to release too many plot details at this point, much of it was off limits today.

However, what I did get to play was fun. The recreation of Manhattan is surprisingly detailed, considering its size and the welcome lack of distance fogging.There's plenty of swinging to be done, which is enjoyable enough, and there's a similar amount of combat.They're going for quite a broad audience with this one, so the fighting isn't too in-depth. In fact, there's a danger it could turn into a button masher before long.

The developers have made a decent attempt at melding the in-game action with scripted, cinematic story links. These are by far the best-looking sections of the game (all played out with the in-game graphics engine for consistency), although the level of interaction is limited to a few rhythm action-style button presses prompted by on-screen icons.

Experienced gamers will have faced far tougher challenges, but those seeking an interactive Spider-Man 3 experience* should find plenty to enjoy, even if the expected 12 rating technically rules out many of those for whom it's best suited. Spider-Man 3 is out in May for Xbox 360, PS3,PC, Wii, PS2, PSP, Nintendo DS and GBA.

Horganator out. 

* Sorry, I started sounding like a press release there.