SpaceX working with Bigelow to offer space holiday cabins

The BA 330 could be your next holiday destination if you like weightlessness for you and your wallet

SpaceX, the private space flight company, is teaming up with Bigelow Aerospace to create what are essentially space holiday cabins for private tourists.

So if you’ve got a wallet thicker than the outer hull of SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft, you can hop on board and head to the Bigelow habitats that will soon be orbiting the earth. In reality the BA 330 habitats – which have 330 cubic metres of room and support a crew of 6 – will be available to space agencies, companies and universities. It’s only a matter of time before one of those companies is Thomson holidays. And with plans to join multiple BA 330 habitats together we could all be enjoying weightless work Christmas parties soon.

The habitats launch plan will be ironed out in Japan following the May 19th mission that sees the launch of the Falcon 9 and Dragon spacecrafts.

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