Source confirms Google Phone a "certainty"

Rumours about the Google Phone have been bandied around for a while but now source close to the project, who has apparently seen the phone in the fles

Of course, the Google Phone of which we speak is the Google-designed, Google-branded handset rumoured to be made by LG.

It's thought to be in its early prototype form at the moment, and running a rather different version of Android than has been seen before.

In fact, Gizmodo's "trusted source" has said they had spotted the same OS running on Google's handset, on a laptop – and it wasn't Chrome OS.

Even more interestingly is that the source claimed that the Android OS we see running on phones at the moment is not actually "real" Android... whatever that means.

Of course all remains to be seen, and we had heard that Google was planning an advertising push for the handset early next year.

Here's hoping we get more details on the mysterious "real" Android-packing handset soon – we will of course keep you updated.