Sony’s Vaio S1 tablet rumours

Is Sony making a tablet? We say, yes. And we also say it could be the world's best tablet

Sony not making a tablet would be like Pedigree Chum not saying “meaty chunks” in its ads. Which is why it’s odd that Sony’s not making a tablet. Which, of course, it is. In secret.

So what’s Sony got up its 9.4in sleeve? A 9.4in tablet, naturally enough, running Android, skinned with XMB (a UI port from the PS3/PSP) and known, cryptically, as the Vaio S1. Or just the S1, we’re not sure.

Our instincts tell us it’s powered by Vaio computing, Bravia picture skills, Reader ebook knowledge, Cyber-shot camera insight and PlayStation gaming with more than a little Ericsson connectivity thrown in for good measure.

It’ll hook up to the PlayStation Network and Sony’s Qriocity store for music, films, games and books, plus chat to your PS3 either as a touchscreen keyboard or a massive trackpad-esque game controller.

That is to say Sony could be brewing up the world’s best tablet in the Vaio S1. And not a meaty chunk in sight.