Sony's PSP phone patent appears

The enigma that is the PSP phone has resurfaced today with the discovery of a sneaky patent application filed by Sony Ericsson.As is apparently requir

As is apparently required of patent forms, it features a childish, scrawled illustration showing a device with a haptic-packing touchscreen that reorientates and alters the interface depending on which way you hold it – very iPhone/Samsung Soul-esque.

The application lists five different modes of operation: phone, game, music player, camera and web browser. The drawing shows two modes: a very PSP-looking gaming layout complete with X, square, circle and triangle buttons and a D-pad, and a traditional phone mode that could be based on any one of Sony Ericsson's more recent handsets.

Of course hundreds of patents are filed which never turn into real products but this at least shows the PSP phone isn't just a figment of our imagination, as seen in the January issue of Stuff (pictured).

Will Sony launch a handheld gamer to take on Nokia's reinvigorated N-Gage? Or is the PSP phone destined to be vapourware forever? Let us know in our forum.


Sony PSP phone

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