Sony's PS3 EyePet puts augmented reality back into gaming

While a lot of the buzz around augmented reality has been more recently focused on phones, Sony is bringing the tech back to computers with the develo

Engadget has had a sneak peek at the AR game, which works with the PlayStation Eye to bring a virtual pet to life in your surroundings, all seen through the TV screen.

Wherever the PlayStation Eye is pointing your pet will "appear", and wander around your coffee table or carpet quite happily, responding to your "touch" and movement.

To interact further with the pet you show "Magic Cards" to the camera which will read them and provide you with the extras you need to play, feed, groom and check the health of your little friend.

For example, lay down one of the cards on the table and a trampoline will appear that your pet can jump on. If you move the card, you move the trampoline, and if you take it away, it disappears. Simple, right?

Like the Tamagotchi of yesteryear, the idea behind the game is to keep your little critter clean, fed and happy. Once you see his face, you'll struggle not to.

The game is still in beta at the moment, but is expected to be ready for a Christmas release. For a better idea of how it works, head over to the blogs for the game's trailer, and let us know what you think below.