Sony's NGP will have full backwards compatibility

The next generation portable will play nice with previous games from your collection – assuming they’re not on UMD

Sony’s handheld powerhouse already packs in just about every sensor and wireless connectivity option under the sun and now we know that full backwards compatibility can be added to the already impressive list of specs. Any PSP game currently on the Playstation Network will be upscaled to take advantage of the device’s hi-res OLED screen and even better, dual analogue stick compatibility will also be supported. Sony has already demonstrated this in action with Resistance Retribution and all of this is possible thanks to a software emulator running in the background. Owners with an extensive UMD collection will naturally be dissapointed, but with game demos such as the smash-hit Uncharted already being demonstrated we're sure that all will soon be forgotten. Either way, Ninty's 3DS should definitely be approaching next week’s E3 expo with extreme caution.