Sony’s 3D buffet includes Bloggie and Vaio

Camcorders and Blu-ray join laptops in Sony's 3D parade

Sony’s CES event was all about 3D. “We don’t see the world in 2D,” said Sony boss Sir Howard Stringer, before unveiling a plethora of new products. Here’s the key ones...

HDR-TD10 3D camcorder

The world’s first double Full HD camcorder, with double lenses, double Exmor R CMOS sensors and double image processors. It also has a 3.5in glasses-free 3D monitor because, as we all know, having to wear 3D glasses to use a camcorder would be double-stupid. In other camcorder news, the HDR-PJ series, with a pico projector built into the screen.


Bloggie 3D

What fun it was creating a custom side-by-side tripod mount for two mini video cams to create one’s own 3D footage. We never did it, but we know people who did. But now – no need! Sony’s dual-lens, dual-processor, glasses-free screen pocket camcorder does all the hard dimensional work for you.


We like Sony’s Blu-ray players, and if you don’t believe us, just have a look at the Stuff Gadget Awards 2010. This is an evolutionary model from our award-winning BDP-S570 – there, we saved you the trouble of looking – and in addition to 3D Blu-ray playback and connected services such as Lovefilm and YouTube, it now allows full-screen Skype video calls. Ace.

Vaio F-series

Sony: Imagine what your fellow travellers would think when you get this out on a flight and watch Full HD 3D Blu-ray using active shutter glasses! Stuff: Yeah, we know exactly what they’d think. Nevertheless, 3D Vaio. Welcome to the future, kids.