Sony Xperia Z Ultra – hands on review

Pocketability: jeans are A-OK

Sony Xperia Z Ultra – hands on review

Yes, the Xperia Z Ultra does fit in regular jeans pockets. Quite comfortably in fact, thanks to its thin body. We managed to pull off a few squats without any denim ripping, though we paid for it with a few odd looks.

You will feel it dig into your hips on occasions though, like tying up your shoes or taking stairs two at a time. But it's definitely not a deal-breaker, unless you're wearing circulation-cutting skinny jeans, in which case, we're truly sorry.

Power: this thing flies

Sony Xperia Z Ultra – hands on review

We didn't have time to put the Xperia Z Ultra through its paces with any intensive games or benchmark tests, but it handled the HD movie trailers that we tried without a hitch. It's packing Qualcomm's powerfull Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor which runs along at a frankly ridiculous 2.2GHz. That makes the Xperia Z Ultra the fastest phone in the world at the time of writing, though we'll again have to wait till our full review to see how it stacks up to the stiff competition.

Camera: not flashy

Sony Xperia Z Ultra – hands on review

We had very little time in the hands-on mayhem to take the camera for a proper spin and couldn't transfer images to a PC to properly assess how good the 8MP snapper on the Xperia Z Ultra really is. Photos reviewed on-screen seemed perfectly decent, with the intelligent auto mode detecting the low light conditions of the product demonstration area we were in without a hitch. That's good news, as there's no LED flash to throw light on the situation.

You'll definitely want to use two hands when taking shots with the Xperia Z Ultra, too, as its likely to take a spill onto concrete due to its sheer vastness. And there's a whole lot of glass there to shatter.

Initial verdict: get excited, phablet fans

Sony Xperia Z Ultra – hands on review

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is just 0.6in short of matching the screen size of tablets like the 7in Google Nexus 7. Having said that, it still feels like a phone, perhaps due to its insanely thin body and gorgeous design.

But make no mistake, this is a phablet, and a massive one at that. It might not make babies cry and buses crash when you take it out of your pocket, but you'll pay for its gorgeous screen with questionable ergonomics that even its neat one-handed keyboard can't fix.

Overall, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra looks set to be a very impressive do-it-all device, with a killer spec sheet to boot. It could very well usurp the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as our phablet of choice. One thing's for sure, you won't want to miss out on Stuff's full review.